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Welcome NECRA Operative[]

Take on the role of an operative of the National Emergency Control & Relief Agency (NECRA) controlling squads of survivors in a massive game universe covering all of Los Angeles County and filled with over 10 million zombies.

Play now for free to scavenge real-world locations or attack other players to gather supplies and manage the needs of your survivors while avoiding deadly infectious bites. Advanced players and organized factions can focus on winning the server by researching and ultimately eradicating the zombie virus.

Please read Colette's detailed Starting Island Tutorial and watch Rosslessness's Starter Island Playthrough to help you get started. This wiki also features lots of other guides?

Request for wiki editors: February 21, 2014

The game has been massively overhauled since some of this wiki was written, so some of the wiki is out of date. If you like WotLD and think you can help with the wiki, please get involved now!


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