The Workbench is an unique safehouse that allows players to repair, salvage or modify their weapons. The workbench requires a Toolbox to be installed on any of the player's safehouses, unlocking this functionality. Its main purpose is to restore damaged or deteriorated weapons to better conditions, as well as adding parts to weapons to improve them.

Salvage Items[edit | edit source]

The Salvage items option allows to dissasemble guns to obtain components from them. The type of component depends on the type of weapon salvaged (i.e. salvaging a rifle gives Rifle components, while salvaging a shotgun gives Shotgun components). Guns in better conditions give more components than guns in poorer conditions. Melee weapons and Bows cannot be salvaged.

Repair items[edit | edit source]

Repair items allows using using components to improve a weapon's condition. Condition is improved one step at a time, (e.g. a weapon in the Poor condition can only be repaired to Fair condition, and then to Good, and to Excellent condition), and each step consumes a number of components. Melee weapons, bows and armors cannot be repaired.

Modify items[edit | edit source]

Modify items allows to add new parts to weapons to improve them. Modifications include using duct tape to give weapons a dual magazine and adding scopes and sights to them.

Shotguns and certain weapons cannot be modified.

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