Briefing[edit source]

NECRA operative Cliffkuo, here at our collective, the World of the Living Dead Wiki, we collect data pertaining to the tragic outbreak that you are a part of. Here we document all previous concerns, tips and information collected over the months by fellow NECRA operatives.

Not only can you see the previous experiences of NECRA operatives, but you can also EDIT and add your own experiences for NECRA operatives to come. We appreciate your work on File:Airport icon.png and your efforts have not gone wasted.

If you are still lost, it is a good idea to review these pages

-Main Page

-Recent Changes

-NECRA Operative Blogs

Any further questions or concerns on your objective can be left on my messaging system,User talk: will return your message promptly.

Senior NECRA Operative

--- (Talk) 18:21, July 10, 2011

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