I'd like to say welcome on behalf of the community here at the WoTLD wiki. It's great having more contributers to help on the wiki. For those of you who are pretty new to wiki editing, I'd suggest you just read the wiki as you play the game, and add whatever information you find missing. It may not seem like much, but it'll help a lot in the long run. For those that want a bigger challenge, we have a community organized watercooler where we have a todo list in progress. It's mostly major things we have to get finished, but there are some small items that new editors can tackle. If you feel that there's anything that needs to be created/edited, just leave it on the todo list. If you're not sure it should be there, just suggest it in the todo list's talk page, and someone is sure to reply with their thoughts.

Again, welcome!


P.S. Please ignore my automated welcome messages, they're pretty annoying. I'm getting around to fixing them :)

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