Note, these are just vague personal suggestions and may be impossible as the game changes.

General Advice[edit | edit source]

* Keep Moving

Remember the beginning of Resident Evil 2?

What do you mean you're too young?

Basically you started the game surrounded by zombies with only a single clip for your pistol. If you stayed still you'd be eaten.

The same applies here. The longer you spend in an area the greater the zed density. Not only that, but every time you scavenge the chance of you finding enough supplies to stay alive falls. The longer you stay still the greater the chance of entering a turf war with another operative.

* More is More

If you have Three survivors and you lose one, its a disaster. If you have fifteen survivors and you lose one, its not necessarily an issue. With this in mind you should always be on the lookout for Emergency Broadcasts. Remember every survivor you save will have comparably low levels of Hunger and Thirst, and will have no fatigue. Even more importantly, every survivor gives you XP. That's really important. That lets you build more safehouses. Talking of which....

Always be ready to build a Safehouse. If you're stuck in a hostile area and a member of your squad becomes seriously injured, build a safehouse there and then. It's a lot better to wait a few hours than lose a survivor. With the SP's now being given to individuals it makes them much more valuable.

* Safehouses

Safehouses are key for survivors. The only place you can recover fear, fatigue and injury. At higher levels you can even fill them full of Upgrade Items to help you, but until you can afford to upgrade them, they're best used as a disposable asset. Perfect if you're only staying for 8 hours to recover, then abandon it. Also, because of raiding they also help you find out about your competition.

* Competition

Its always good to know who else is in the area. You start running across heavily populated areas you know its probably time to move on. Especially consider setting up a safehouse near that local government building or hospital. People love these, so its nice to see who is setting up near you.

* Follow The Leader

Building on all this remember that if you have more than one squad they can help each other even if they never meet.

If you have a squad driving forwards, grabbing survivors they've probably had to ignore some supplies on the way. Tag the useful stuff and work out how your other squads can get there. Also remember those safehouses you abandoned after a day? They'll be there a few days later for your other squad to use. Also your team can drop stuff they don't need, surgical kits etc, for those who need them most.

* Saying good bye

3 may be the magic Number, but if you ever find yourself with only one or to survivors the game becomes almost impossible. Its much more humane to park them in a red area and let the zombies do their job. Let NECRA supply you with 3,4 or even 5 new people. Remember you keep all your infocards.

* Your Worst Enemy

People say that as the software develops the route planning of SCUGS will improve. We all know the real story, they don't want everyone to survive, so so it will occasionally send you in the most complex and dangerous route possible. On long journeys, pause or cancel your routes regularly. It will save you time and reduce danger.

* Plans Change

You must be flexible. Everyday your plan will change. Remember this. Don't panic, and you should be safe.

--Rosslessness (talk) 13:48, July 30, 2013 (UTC)

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