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Hello? Is this thing on? Are you recieving me?

I cannot stay on the frequency long, so listen to me. This is Rosslessness, top rated Closed Beta operative, top 3 Open Beta operative and founder of the original and most successful faction in NECRAS history. Listen to my words. You are the future of the human race, it's survival has been placed in your hands. Do not worry you are not alone.

We can do this together. I didn't become the State spanning trader I am overnight, I built trust, supported the strong and protected the weak. I was faster and better than others, and as they failed I grew. The temptation to carve out your own private kingdom is overwhelming, but there will always be a new power coming to challenge you.

Read my advice.

Trade Well.

Don't Get Shot.

Train intelligently.

We shall overcome. We must trust eac.........


My Current SCUGS Eye View 1
My Current SCUGS Eye View 2
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