About me[edit | edit source]

I'm Elbi - in game, In forum as well as, for the most part, in real life - 23, male.
Located in Vienna, Austria, Europe, thus I might be one of the few testers from another slice of the globe Right now I'm a student, trying to get my Master's Degree in Game Engineering and Simulation this summer. While my study wants me to be a programmer, I tend to favor game design.

... play(ed) several MMOs.
... play(ed) several Pen and Paper RPGs, from D&D (several settings), Shadowrun, Warhammer (Fantasy & 40k Settings) to Call of Cthulhu and both Worlds of Darkness.
... play(ed) several Tabletop Games (Warhammer and the like).
... beta test(ed) MMOs, P&P RPGs, Boardgames,
... watched more than enough Zombie movies.
... read the Survival Guide & WWZ.
... am terribly afraid to witness a Zombie Walk in Vienna, not knowing what my reaction would be. Get armed and hole up in a Safe Room (or Roof, more likely), believing them to be real? Lose my sanity and run away screaming? Or try to take part, only to realise that they ARE real and eating my liver?

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