"Hello Control? We... we've come under attack. We've got some serious casualties here. I'm setting up the surgical kit to deal with it." "Dear God Control, can you hear me? There's so... so much blood..."

An upgrade item (NECRA Autolab).

Upgrade items are special items which are required to improve safehouses. They are usually only found in specific types of locations and can be quite rare. Once installed, they cannot be removed, so use them wisely.

Some upgrades allow you to improve functionality of the safehouse (for example, decreasing the time a survivor needs to recover) while others add new functionalities altogether. Like all item types (food, firearms, etc.), upgrade items have a box surrounding them on the inventory screen In the case of upgrade items, this box is purple.

Installing Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrades are used in player created safehouses. On the Manage Team screen you will find the option Upgrade safehouse once you reach level 6. Some safehouse upgrades can only be used at higher levels. See the Tutorial for an in depth example.

Box of Earplugs[edit | edit source]

Jumbo box of NECRA-issue noise-cancelling earplugs. Guaranteed to silence the moans of the living dead

  • Level required - 6
  • Item needed -Box of NECRA Earplugs

Survivors in a safehouse that has a Box of Earplugs requires less time to recover from Fatigue.

Infirmary[edit | edit source]

First Aid Kit

Heal injuries faster. Needs first aid kit to be installed.

  • Level required - 10
  • Item needed - First Aid Kit

Survivors in a safehouse with an Infirmary require less time to recover their Health back to 100%.

Workbench[edit | edit source]

Enables your survivors to repair and modify items. Requires toolbox.

  • Level required - 14
  • Item needed - Toolbox

Enables the player to use components Repair or Modify weapons or Salvage them to obtain more components.

Lookout Post[edit | edit source]


Helps your survivors keep an eye on their surroundings. Improved defensive bonus against raids.

  • Level required - 16
  • Item needed - Binoculars

NECRA Autolab[edit | edit source]

An automatic laboratory used to analyse outbreaks in the field.

  • Level required - 18
  • Item needed - NECRA Autolab

Field Hospital[edit | edit source]

Surgical Kit

Heal injuries faster. Needs surgical kit.

  • Level Required - 24
  • Item Needed - Surgical Kit

Water Purifier[edit | edit source]

Water Purifier

Provides 6 liters of water per day. Requires water purifier.

  • Level Required - 32
  • Item Needed - Water Purifier

Emergency Garden[edit | edit source]

Seed Packet

Rapid growing sprouts. Produce 2000 calories per day. Requires seed packet.

  • Level Required - 38
  • Item Needed - Seed packet

Security Shutters[edit | edit source]


Improved defensive bonus against raids. Increases fear recovery rate. Requires security shutters.

  • Level required - 44
  • Item needed - Security Shutters

Perimeter Chain Link Fence[edit | edit source]

Chain Link Fence

Maximum defensive bonus against raids. Requires chain link fence.

  • Level Required - 50
  • Item Needed - Chain Link Fence Roll

Item Upgrade Level required Weight
First Aid Kit Infirmary ? 2.0 kg
Box of NECRA Earplugs Box of Earplugs 9 1.0 kg
Toolbox Workbench ? 30.0 kg
Binoculars Lookout Post 16 0.5 kg
NECRA Autolab NECRA Autolab 18 ?
Surgical Kit Field Hospital 24 1.3kg
Water Purifier Water Purifier 32 20.0 kg
Seed Packet Emergency Garden 38 1.0 kg
Security Shutters Security Shutters 44 30.0 kg
Chain Link Fence Perimeter Chain Link Fence 50 25.0 kg
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