Thirst is one of the five basic attributes every survivor has, along with Health, Fear, Fatigue and Hunger. A survivor needs to drink liquids to lower their thirst. High levels of thirst deteriorate the survivors' combat and survival performance. The higher the thirst, the highest the penalties the survivor will suffer. Thirst accumulates over time. If no liquids are consumed, it rises from 0% to 33% in 8 hours, to 67% in 16 hours and finally 100% in 24 hours.

Survivors require to drink liquids in order to lower their thirst level. Thirst is measured in milliliters (1,000 milliliters equals 1 liter). By default, all survivors require 2,000 milliliters (2 liters) of liquids every 24 hours.

Daily liquids requirement can be lowered with skills such as Camel or by equipping infocards like "Stay hydrated to live".

As with Hunger, a survivor that does not drink enough liquids in several day will go AWOL, abandoning the squad to find something to drink on their own. The survivor has to be relocated before being able to command him/her again.

Thirst deteriorates a survivor's performance in terms of firepower and melee strenght, and makes them more vulnerable to injuries and bites. The only way of avoiding these penalties is to keep thirst levels low.

Thirst can immediately be reduced by 1,000 milliliters by using an Electrolyte Sachet which can be purchased with NECRA Credits

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