A squad is a group of survivors under the command of a NECRA Operative (Player). Survivors not inside a squad cannot perform actions as moving and scavenging, participate in combat or accomplish missions.

A squad can have from 1 to 10 survivors. Empty squads have no survivors. They can be deleted in the main command page and it is possible to reassign survivors to the squad via the Manage Team menu.

When orders are issued to a squad, all its members will execute it with no exception. The performance of each single survivor will affect that of the entire squad. For example, a slow survivor will slow the entire squad down even if other members have a high movement speed.

The number of squads a player can have is limited. It increases with level, and the total maximum is 10.

The size of the squad can be variable, and several configurations can have their own advantage and disadvantages. Large squads can have more power in combat, as more people can attack at once, resulting in more efficient combat. However, having more team members are more vulnerable to injuries in high Z-Density areas, and can generate more noise, attracting zombies. Smaller squads have less power, but are usually safer in high density areas as they attract less attention.

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