Example of the scavenging interface in WotLD Resurrection.

Scavenging is the most efficient way for survivors to obtain useful items, from food and liquids to weapons, research items and gun components. With the exception of heavily forested areas which don’t have any structures, each grid square is likely to contain at least something.

Scavenging[edit | edit source]

On the Map screen, all zones in the grid contain the following options:

Every zone has a lootability bar in all scavenging options represented by green squares, ranging from 0 to 10. The squad needs to be in the grid to scavenge, as it cannot scavenge in adjacent locations. Clicking on the selected option gives the squad a random chance of finding the selected type of items. The higher the lootability, the higher the chance of obtaining an item.

It is important to note that survivors are still in the zombie infested city and zombies (and subsequently a fear increase, injuries or even death) can still happen while scavenging. Fatigue will also increase when scavenging. Once a survivor's fatigue reaches 100% they will no longer be able to scavenge The rest of their squad may still scavange until they too are overfatigued. Make sure your survivors are well rested before sending them out to scavenge for more efficient scavenging.

Cooldown[edit | edit source]

Each player has a set number of chances (around 10) to scavenge in a grid square before the zone is considered "depleted" (represented by a green bar on top of the scavenging interface). Once the zone is depleted, no searches can be done on the same zone for anything up to a week. This forces players to decide what to scavenge, for example whether to scavenge the relative rare weapons and ammunition or stock up on liquids.

Earning Experience Points[edit | edit source]

Every time a survivor discovers most items, they earn you at least 3XP per item. Armor gives 6XP, and upgrades give 10XP each when found.

Scavenging Skills[edit | edit source]

There are 2 skills which once obtained directly improve the results of scavenging, Urban Forager and Looter.

Name Available Levels Bonus Per Level Total SP Cost
Urban Forager 5 1% 51
Looter 1 1% 40

These two skills both stackable, meaning one character can have +8% scavenging solo, with each member of the scavenging squad's also giving an additional scavenging bonus of 1% if their Looter skill is at maximum.

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