The Two Safehouse Types, Player Created (Green) and NECRA Created (Blue)

There are two categories of safehouses in WotLD: NECRA-created safehouses and player-created safehouses.

Safehouses are the only location where Fear, and Fatigue can be recovered and are also a place where Health is regained. Staying in a safehouse also protects you from hostile players and zombies. (See Raiding for exceptions.)

NECRA Safehouses are safehouses scattered around the map. They are identified by a blue icon on the map. Any survivor can use them and they are very common, but they can't be upgraded .

Players can create their own safehouses as well.. These have several advantages over NECRA safehouses, as they are the only places where Safehouse upgrades can be installed. They are free, only a limited number can be created. Player built safehouses can be placed anywhere, but you cannot create several safehouses in the same zone.

Faction members can choose to share their player-created safehouses with their faction by clicking the Faction Access Enabled button on the safehouse menu. This action is irreversible.


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