An example of a player's SCUG overview.

The primary viewpoint of the player in World of the Living Dead is from that of the Survival Cell User Guidance System, or SCUGS. From this vantage point, the player will command his/her survivors in one or more squads across a map of Los Angeles. SCUGS provides the player with location and route data, as well as tracking the mental and physical health of the player's survivors.

A key feature of the system is the colored blocks, which indicate what areas of the immediate vicinity are the most dangerous for the player's survivors.

The Survival Cell System was developed by scientists working under the guidance of NECRA.

The Survival Cell User Guidance System attempts to intelligently assist NECRA operatives in carrying out the Survival Cell System. Sealed into multiple redundant server locations, and with control over all defense and civillian communications systems, SCUGS engineers will endeavor to keep the system operating for as long as possible.

SCUGS itself operates under rules which were only vaguely outlined for operatives and engineers. In addition to the practical requirements of locating survivors and establishing communications with suitable operatives, SCUGS also evaluates performance and determines whether operatives are eligible for control over new groups.

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