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Raiding[edit | edit source]


In WotLD raiding is a way of attacking other players Safehouses.

Any survivor can attack another players safehouses. This isn't allowed at NECRA safehouses, but any safehouse built by survivors can be attacked.

How raiding works[edit | edit source]

In order to raid a safehouse you need to be at the location. Select the safehouse on your map and click the "Plan route to raid safehouse" option. Once there click the "Raid" button on the same menu.

In order to raid a safehouse you must destroy it. Clicking raid brings up a screen telling you how your raid is progressing. The more skilled your attackers, and the better their Melee Weapons the more supplies they can recover. Please note that whilst you are attacking a safehouse you risk being attacked by zombies. Make sure you don't get eaten whilst you're distracted.

Faction Safehouses[edit | edit source]

Note, you cannot raid safehouses owned by other members of your own faction.

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