Player Safehouses[edit | edit source]

SCUGS icon of a player-created safehouse

Player Safehouses offer several advantages over NECRA safehouses. Fear and fatigue recover faster in player-created safehouses, and several upgrades can be applied which increase recovery rates or provide other bonuses, including the Autolab.

As a player gain levels they can build more safehouses.

Safehouses can also be improved to grant additional benefits. See Upgrade Items for more information.

Player safehouses may be opened up for faction use, allowing all members of your faction to enter and use your safehouse. Currently this function cannot be undone.

Player safehouses take time to construct. Be careful and check around if there's any other faction because even if you are building your safehouse you can be attacked, the safehouse might be finish but you will lose all characters who were "building" it.

Faction Safehouses[edit | edit source]

Faction safehouses are open to any member of your faction to use. You can set a player owned safehouse to be a faction one by hitting "Enable faction access". Currently (in the open beta) this option is not able to be un-done.

Players in a Faction Safehouse recover from fatigue, fear, and injury at the same rate as they normally would. Any member who has surviors in the safehouse has full access to the "Safehouse public stash". All survivors in the safehouse takes advantage of the upgrades (ie. Infirmary, etc).

Placement[edit | edit source]

Location, location, location! The adage of realtors should prepare you well for this activity.

How to put down a safehouse: you click on a spot on the map and the game engine calculate the route lead to that. Any spot, not just on the road.

What purpose that safehouse serve? That will serve as a guideline as to where to put it.

  • Loot assisting facility: put an apartment down right next to the site to assist the scavenging activities. 10SP is cheap in exchange for the added efficiency. This safehouse usually deep into the zone and right next to the site.
  • Street refuge: to heal back to normal when travelling. If you have red injuries, it's best to stop right then and there, set up an apartment to hide and heal inside. Dont move a step out until you are normal again. This base usually on street, almost always in dangerous zone.
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