When the government first tried to get control of the outbreak, they established checkpoints throughout the city where military and scientific personel were stationed. The hope was to contain the virus in certain neighborhoods and to make sure it did not spread outside of the city. This early system failed misearbly, due to a lack of personel and poor understanding of the mechanics of the virus. Many of these overrun checkpoints remain, but they are hightly dangerous. They do, though, contain several useful items for agent's with their own safehouses.

Items found:


  • Ration Bars

Submachine Guns

  • Kal-Tec Sub 2000
  • Mac 10 Submachine Gun


  • .45 ACP Pistol Cartidges
  • .44 Magnum Pistol Cartridges
  • 40 S&W pistol cartridges


  • Water Purifiers
  • First Aid Kits
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