NECRA safehouses are the most basic form of resting protection available to survivors. Because of their limited utility, the establishment of a player-created safehouse should be a priority.

SCUGS Icon for NECRA safehouse locations

These locations are open to any squad, and require no defenders. They cannot be claimed by Factions and grant no bonus to fatigue or fear recovery rates. After a certain Operative level is reached, players may create one (1) 4.0kg private 'stash' at each NECRA safehouse. It costs nothing to create the stash.

Many of these relatively small fortified shelters were quickly set up in the last days when NECRA was still operational, and can be found scattered throughout urban areas.

They feature a homing beacon which can be detected from a short distance by NECRA hand-cranked radios. Safehouses are heavily reinforced and feature entrances which are designed to be inaccessible to the living dead. Shipping containers are the most common type, with the entrance as a hatch in the top of the container.

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