Ocasionally, NECRA will require that Operatives complete some Missions for several reasons. SCUGS will select an Operative and offer him/her a mission to find locations containing either Items, new Survivors or a task to accomplish. Missions give the highest XP rewards of the game in reard for their success.

Missions are currently only available to those players at Level 5 and above. As level increases, players will be offered more difficult missions.

At level 5, only family missions are available.

At level 6 the other missions become available.

All missions are private, only the player that receives them can see them. Some missions have a deadline and must be completed before time expires. Players have the opportunity of rejecting offered missions at any time. If the mission is rejected, SCUGS will assign them a new missions after some time.

Mission TypesEdit

There are a few types of these missions: Family, Deliver, Collect, Transport and Test Subject. The task to be performed varies, as does the XP reward for accomplishing them. Players can complete non-timed missions at their own pace.

Survivor missionEdit

Survivor missions give you the location of a survivor sending a distress signal. Survivors rescued are added to the player's squad if there's space available. These survivors might have a high level of hunger of thirst, which is important to know before rescuing them.

Family missionEdit

Family missions involve rescuing the family member of one of your survivors (e.g, a survivor's wife, husband, daughter or son). The family members can be a Minors, Adults or Seniors.  When the family member is rescued, the Fear and Fatigue level of their relatives will be reduced to 0%. These missions will remain as a choice even if the relative of the rescued survivor is dead.

Collect missionEdit

Collect missions are fairly straight forward. An item is located in a zone, and a survivor needs to reach the zone and take it.

Deliver missionEdit

Deliver missions are the opposite of collection missions, you actually need to deliver a specific item to the delivery site.

Transport missionEdit

Transport missions are a combination of Collect/Deliver missions. An item has to be picked at a zone and then delivered to another. The distance to the zone varies with the player's level. These missions offer a higher quantity of XP. XP is awarded both on collection and upon delivery of the item.

Test Subject missionEdit

Test Subject missions. Test subject missions involve dropping off survivors for experimentation. Be careful. You permanently lose the survivor and everything they were carrying!

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