"Guns are all well and good, but nothing really beats crushing a zombie's skull with whatever you can lay your hands on..."

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Melee Weapons are one of the two types of weapons found in the World of the Living Dead, the other one being firearms. Melee weapons are all sorts of items that can be used in close combat, including some everyday items and tools that can be used as improvised weapons. Unlike firearms, melee weapons can't be used as ranged weapons.

An example of a survivor with a melee weapon

All melee weapons have a range of 0, which means they can only be used in close-combat. They have their own pros and cons compared to firearms. Their lack of range means that they user has more chance of getting hurt in combat (especially versus the gun-totting squads of another player). However, they require no ammunition and are easier to obtain. Most melee weapons are everyday objects grabbed out of desperation, like kitchen knives or baseball bats.

"Maximum melee strength" represents the weapon's "power" when used by a survivor with 100% "Skull Crusher" skill. A survivor with 50% "Skull Crusher" skill will use the weapon at half its maximum melee strength, a survivor with 25% skill will use it at one quarter of its maximum melee strength, and so on.

Melee weapons are affected by the Weapon Fatigue system, and will deteriorate with use (e.g. go from the Excellent condition to the Good condition). A weapon that deteriorates will have its maximum melee strength reduced and the chance of a weapon reacting badly to use will increase.

Melee weapons[edit | edit source]

Item Weight Maximum Melee Strength
Axe 2.75 kg 60
Baseball Bat 1.0 kg 26
Chisel 0.9 kg 10
Claymore** 3.0 kg 78
Crocodile Hunter's knife** 0.9 kg 60
Crowbar 1.8 kg 30
Fire Axe 1.5 kg 60
Golf Club 1.36 kg 15
Halligan Bar 2.2 kg 70
Hammer 1.15 kg 16
Heavy Flashlight 1.5 kg 17
Katana* 1.3 kg 75
Kitchen Knife 0.12 kg 05
Machete 1.75 kg 65
Meat Cleaver 0.65 kg 07
Nail Puller 2.4 kg 12
Pickaxe 3.6 kg 25
Police Baton 0.3 kg 24
Polpropylene Baseball Bat* 1.2 kg 36
Shaolin Spade* 4.4 kg 86
Shovel 1.5 kg 40
Sledgehammer 5.5 kg 70
Screwdriver 0.75 kg 09
Two Handed Kukri*** 1.9kg


Tactical Knife 0.3 kg 15
Tire Iron 0.8 kg 20
Wrench 0.5 kg


      Chainsaw** (Limited edition)   6kg              88dmg

(*)Reward given to Closed Beta players (Indestructible).

(**)Part of a limited edition pack and no longer available (Indestructible).

(***) Promotional gift given to sign-ups from GameOgre.com (Indestructible).

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