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Locations in WotLD fall into two broad categories: scavenging locations and safehouses.

Scavenging locations vary in scavenging difficulty level and amount of scavenging material originally available, before the location is emptied.

Icon Name Scavenging Difficulty Level
Convenience Store
Corner Store
Crashed Delivery Truck 10/10
Crashed Police Car 1/10
Crashed Ambulance 1/10
Abandoned Army Humvee 1/10
Auto Repair Shop 3/10
Airport icon.png Airports 5/10
Appartments icon.png Residential Building 4/10
Bar icon.png Bars 8/10
Burger joint icon.png Burger Joints 6/10
Bus Stations 6/10
Coffeeshop icon.png Coffee Shops 5/10
Convenience Stores.png Convenience Stores 3/10
Deli.png Delis 5/10


Dock.jpg Docks 6/10
Fairground icon.png Fairgrounds 6/10
Fire station.png Fire Stations 7/10
Fitness Center 2/10
Gas Stations
Golf Course.png Golf Courses 4/10
Gov Building.png Government Buildings 8/10
Graveyard icon.png Graveyards 4/10
Grocery Stores 6/10
Gun Dealerships 8/10
Hardware Stores 7/10
Hospital icon.png Hospitals 6/10
Motel icon.png Hotels 8/10
Hypermarts 7/10
Library icon.png Libraries 5/10
Malls.png Malls 5/10
Medical Supply Store
Military Bases 8/10
Minimarts 6/10
Motel icon.png Motels 7/10
NECRA checkpoint 10/10
Park icon.png Parks 7/10
Pawn Shops 8/10
Pizza Shop
Church icon.png Places of Worship 3/10
PoliceStation.png Police Stations 8/10
Prisons 9/10
Railstation icon.png Rail Stations 5/10
Ranger Stations 8/10
Restaurant icon.png Restaurants 7/10
School icon.png Schools 4/10
Shopping Malls 7/10
Small Medical Units 4/10

Sporting Goods Store||

Taxi Stand 3/10
Vending Machines 1/10
Winery 8/10
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