Resources can be anything from food to firearms. They are the items that your survivors use to make ends meet, bash heads, and keep themselves alive. Survivors come across them by searching locations via the scavenge feature, or by completing missions.

Types[edit | edit source]

All the types of resources, as viewed in the inventory screen.

All resources in the game can be divided into six, different, categories. The categories are:

Melee Weapons, Firearms, Ammunition, Food, Liquids, and Upgrade Items.

Each individual type has a function in keeping your survivor alive.

Color[edit | edit source]

The type of any resource can be determined by the color of the box surrounding the object in the inventory. Each specific type of resource has a unique color that can be used to identify items at a glance. Using color is one of the easiest ways to find out what type of resource a character is wielding/carrying.

The green bordered object is a food type resource, while the orange bordered item is a melee weapon type resource.

Resources with a green border are food. Items with a blue border are liquids. All the objects with an orange border are melee weapons . All objects with a blood-red color are firearms (aka guns). All items with a pale yellow color are ammunition (aka ammo). Lastly, all objects with a purple item, are known as Upgrade Items.

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