The National Emergency Control and Relief Agency (NECRA) has liberally distributed information cards designed to aid survivors with helpful advice concerning survival in a zombie-ridden world.

In game terms, Infocards are incredibly valuable and modestly rare powerup items found randomly by players while moving squads across the map. Once a card is obtained, it will remain on the player's Inforcards collection where it can be assigned to a survivor so it can take effect (Unassigned cards have no effect). In case the survivor dies, the card will remain on the player's collection where it can be assigned to another survivor.

The variety and strength of the infocards remains in flux as developers add and remove infocards to assess their value and relative strength. A list of current available infocards is listed below.

Notes: Some infocards missing, i.e. there are no #1-3, and #5-8 infocards.

Infocards can no longer be exchanged for SP with the introduction of World of the Living Dead Resurrection.


Although each player can only own one copy of each card, different cards that affect the same bonus stack. For example, a survivor with both the "Scavenge to survive" (+5% to scavenging chance to the all the squad) and "Looting now authorized" (+5% to scavenging chance to the survivor) would have a total 10% bonus from both cards.

Infocard bonuses add up to the survivor's skill bonuses. A survivor equipped with a Barrett M82 and 10% Deadeye would have 7.2 (rounded down to 7) out of the maximum firepower of 72. Equipping the "'Light Fifty' firepower" infocard (+20 to combat with the M82) would increase the bonus to 30%, for 21 of firepower. Equipping "Aim down the barrel" (+5 to combat with rifles) would increase this to 35% and so on. However, bonus of 100% cannot be exceeded. (e.g. giving the "'Light Fifty' firepower to a survivor with 100% Deadeye won't increase the power of the M82 beyond 72).

List of InfocardsEdit

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Infocard Title


04 Infocard4 Avoid bites at all costs +10% bite resistance for one survivor
09 Necra-infocard-009 Stay hydrated to live -10% daily liquid requirement for one survivor
10 Necra-infocard-010 Gun laws suspended +10% to combat with assault rifles for one survivor
11 Necra-infocard-011 Always aim for the head +10% to combat with rifles for one survivor
12 Necra-infocard-012 Go full auto for defense +10% to combat with submachine guns for one survivor
13 Necra-infocard-013 Travel light and fast +20% movement speed for one survivor
14 Necra-infocard-014 Packing for survival +25% encumbrance limit for one survivor
16 Necra-infocard-016 Watch for the signs -5% chance of death versus zombies for one survivor
17 Necra-infocard-017 Control your emotions +5% fear recovery rate for one survivor
18 Necra-infocard-018 Preserve your will to live -10% chance of death versus zombies for one survivor
19 Necra-infocard-019 Think Long Distance -5% To fatigue increase for one survivor
20 Necra-infocard-020 Find your sweet spot +20 to combat witth golf club for one survivor
21 Necra-infocard-021 Chop 'til they drop +20% to combat with fire axes for one survivor
22 Necra-infocard-022 Make a stand together -5% To Fear from events for one squad
23 Necra-infocard-023 Limb damage can count +10% to combat with shotguns for one survivor
24 Necra-infocard-024 The humble handgun +5% To combat with handguns for one squad
25 Necra-infocard-025 Reassure others in need +5% To Fear recovery rate for one squad
26 Necra-infocard-026 Ration liquids in groups -5% daily liquid requirement for one survivor
27 Necra-infocard-027 You and your fireteam +5% to combat with assault rifles for one squad
28 Necra-infocard-028 Master tactical reloads +5% to combat with shotguns for one squad
29 Necra-infocard-029 Aim down the barrel +5% to combat with rifles for one squad
30 Necra-infocard-030 Ignore pangs of hunger -10% Calorie requirement for one survivor
31 Necra-infocard-031 Unleash a hail of bullets +5% to combat with submachine guns for one squad
32 Necra-infocard-032 Improvise your defenses +20% to combat with crowbar for one survivor
33 Necra-infocard-033 Stay vigilant on watch +5% fatigue recovery for one squad
34 Necra-infocard-034 Distribute heavy loads +3% Encumbrance limit for one squad
35 Necra-infocard-035 Stick together or die -3% chance of death versus zombies for one squad
36 Necra-infocard-036 Share what you have -5% Daily calorie requirement for one squad
37 Necra-infocard-037 Handgun tips to save lives +10% to combat with handguns for one survivor
38 Necra-infocard-038 Remember the slow -5% Fatigue increase for one squad
39 Necra-infocard-039 The versatile 'Hooligan Tool' +5% to combat & scavenging with halligan bar for one survivor
40 Necra-infocard-040 Stay on your feet +10% defense from leg padding for one survivor
44 Necra-infocard-044 Bolt from the blue +10% to combat with bows for one survivor
54 Necra-infocard-054 Run for your lives! -3% fatigue increase for one squad
55 Necra-infocard-055 Knock 'em down and crush 'em +20% to combat with sledgehammer for one survivor
62 Necra-infocard-062 Show them the light +20% to combat with heavy flashlight for one survivor
65 Necra-infocard-065 Protect your pits +10% defense from arm padding for one survivor
67 Necra-infocard-067 Repair every rip and tear +10% To Armor Maintenance for one survivor
68 Necra-infocard-068 Effective crowd control +20% To combat with police baton for one survivor
69 Necra-infocard-069 Samurai survivor san +20% To combat with katana for one survivor
71 Necra-infocard-071 Rest whenever you can +10% fatigue recovery for one survivor
83 Necra-infocard-083 Like splitting coconuts +20% to combat with Machete for one survivor
84 Necra-infocard-084 Need to defend yourself? +20% to combat with baseball bat for one survivor
93 Necra-infocard-093 Kalash killing machine +20% to combat with AK47 for one survivor
101 Necra-infocard-101 Don't talk to strangers -5% to chance of injury vs. humans for one survivor
102 Necra-infocard-102 A clean gun is a happy gun +10% to Firearms maintenance for one survivor
110 NECRA-Infocard-110 Keep the virus away +10% to Infection resistance for one survivor
119 Necra-infocard-119 Scavenge to survive. +5% to all scavenging for one squad.
124 NECRA-Infocard-124 Love your best friends +10% to weapons maintenance for one survivor.
125 Necra-infocard-125 You will be rescued! -5% Fear from events for one survivor.
133 Necra-infocard-133 Power of positive thinking +10% to infection resistance for one survivor.
140 Necra-infocard-140 'Light Fifty' firepower +20% To combat with Barrett M82 for one survivor
143 Necra-infocard-143 Looting now authorised +5% To all scavenging for one survivor
147 Necra-infocard-147 Don't lose your head +10% Bite Resistance from helmets for one survivor
150 Necra-infocard-150 Zen and the zombocalypse +20% to combat with shaolin spade for one survivor
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