A bitten survivor

Infection is the process in which survivors are infected with the virus that caused the zombie pandemic. This infection is transmitted from zombie bites. A bitten survivor will develop an infection before being killed and turning into a zombie

Bites are the first process of infection. Survivors exposed to very high levels of Z-Density, especially those with high Fear and Fatigue, have a greater chance of being bitten. After being bitten, a grey square will show next to the name of the survivor on the Command page. The square will be orange if the bite turns into an infection.

Bites can be prevented by avoiding dangerous areas, especially when survivors are exhausted. Armor can also help avoiding bites. The skill Rhinoceros and the Inforcard "Avoid bites at all costs" also helps prevent bites.

After a few hours (the time appears to be random), the survivor will become Infected. The square next to the survivors' name will turn orange as the infection develops. This is dangerous, as the survivor can turn into a zombie at any moment. It is vital to isolate the survivor at this point to prevent him/her from spreading the infection. The skill Genetic Mutation may help prevent bites from turning into an infection. The "Power of positive thinking" infocard has a chance of preventing infected survivors from turning, although these values seem to be extremely small.

After the infection develops, the survivor will die turn into a zombie, and go off to join the hordes. This is an extremely dangerous situation if the survivor wasn't isolated, as he/she can bite other survivors in the same safehouse and spread the infection to them. Even if the survivor is alone, will be lost along any items he/she might be carrying.

Dealing with infection[edit | edit source]

Once a survivor is bitten, there is no cure. Even with all relevant skills and infocards, the great majority of bitten and infected survivors (if not all) will eventually turn into zombies. Once a survivor is infected, SCUGS gives you the option to terminate the infected individuals (This means that contact with the survivor is terminated and the survivor is left on their own and is no longer a threat) This can be done on the survivor's page for that character. Items held by a survivor that is terminated will be lost along the survivor.

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