Hunger is one of the five attributes that all survivors possess, along with Health, Fear, Fatigue and Thirst. A survivor requires to eat food to lower hunger. Hunger deteriorates the survivors' performance, with penalties increasing as hunger rises. Hunger accumulates over time. Hunger grows from 0% to 33% in 8 hours, to 67% in 16 hours and finally 100% in 24 hours.

All survivors require to eat [[Food] to lower their hunger levels. Food value is measured on calories, and every survivor's daily requirements depend on their age and gender. By default, all Adult Female survivors require 1,000 calories every 24 hours. Adult Males require twice the amount, 2,000 calories per day. Minors of both genders also require 2,000 calories. Finally, Senior survivors require 1,000 calories regardless of their gender.

The required daily calories requirement can be lowered by developing the relevant skills (Like Crumb catcher) or by equipping certain Infocards (e.g. "Ignore pangs of hunger")

As with Thirst, if a survivor's hunger is neglected, the survivor will go AWOL (go on their own to find food), making the survivor temporally unavailable until he/she is relocated.

Also as hunger increases, your survivors suffer penalties to combat and increase their chance of suffering an injury or a bite. It is best to get survivors to eat and drink just before you move them.

Hunger levels can immediately be reduced by 1000 Calories by using Calorie Tablets which can be purchased with NECRA Credits.

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