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Hiding is the ability to temporally remove a squad from the map while it is outside of a location.

Hiding is an option that temporally keeps a squad safe from PVP and zombie attacks and also lets you manage their inventory when outside. To hide, a squad must be standing in a street, not on a route. When giving a squad the order to hide, they will automatically hide with no delay as they would when building a safehouse.

Hiding is not the same as being in a safehouse. Whilst hiding;

  • You do Heal Injuries (confimed today, 1 dot of health recovered after 4 hours)
  • You do not recover fatigue
  • Your do not recover fear

Also whilst hiding you cannot build a safehouse, you can abandon Just Hide as if it were a Safehouse to build one without the risk of injury while moving. Go to the Command page and find Just Hide! under Safehouses, hit Abandon, and confirm.

Hiding gives squads the advantage of being temporally invulnerable. You can manage their inventories to equip guns before you need them. Also, you can hide your squad if they're in a vulnerable place instead of leaving them outside in the open when you need to take a small break from the game.

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