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Recruiting Status

"Dear all.

Due to the size of our guild and concerns about the "ease" of application I have decided from this point that acceptation into the guild and promotion to Private will no longer merely be a timed and forum "activity" based decision.

From now on this will be a decision that will be made after interaction with other members in-game.

A current guardian can appeal for member promotion from recruit to private but this will need to be backed up with proof and reasoning.

A new applicants recruit status will never be removed unless a request is made by the member themselves or another guardian with, again, proof and reasoning.

Remember, it doesn't matter what the game is that you have interacted with another member, but you will need to prove to others that your are a reliable team member and the correct fit for the guild.

- Ash"





Known Members

  • nirium (Founder)
  • Lostanos (leader)
  • Shiney612
  • Gravedigger
  • Faceless1
  • Rennis
  • ashitaka
  • hakdagutz
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