"In the zombie outbreak, one of the main things that brought down humanity after the ashes settled was hunger. The collapse of society makes obtaining food much more difficult. Frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, bread, and all things alike became mouldy, rotten, and soon inedible."

Food is any item which reduces Hunger.

Food one of the two vital classes of items that contribute to survival in the World of the Living Dead, and it is second only to liquids. When deprived of food your survivors will slowly starve and be weakened, and eventually go AWOL to find something to eat. Fortunately for humanity, survivors can till scrounge food items that don't perish with time. Unperishables like canned foods, candy and other food will keep your survivors going

Survivors need a set number of daily calories depending on their age and gender. Male survivors and minors of both genders require 2,000 daily calories. Female survivors require 1,000 calories.

The following is a list of food items, listed in order of calorie content.

Item Calories Weight (kg) Cal. per kg
Canned Tomatoes40 0.4100
Bag of Sprouts50 0.5100
Canned Spinach60 0.4150
Beef Jerky80 0.024000
Canned Asparagus100 0.4250
Canned Carrots100 0.4250
Canned Fruit100 0.4250
Canned Corn150 0.4375
Canned Peas150 0.4375
Canned Pumpkin150 0.4375
Box of All Bran Cereals200 0.054000
Canned Peaches200 0.4500
Canned Pears200 0.4500
Canned Pineapple200 0.4500
Canned Potatoes200 0.4500
Canned Baby Food250 0.22500
Candy Bar250 0.046250
Canned Cherries250 0.4625
Canned Plums250 0.4625
Canned Soup250 0.4625
Canned Tomatoe Soup250 0.4625
Canned Vegetables250 0.4625
Blueberry Muffin300 0.13000
Box of Corn Flakes300 0.056000
Canned Anchovies300 0.21500
Canned Sardines300 0.21500
Packet of Rye Crackers300 0.13000
Canned Chicken Soup315 0.4788
Canned Bean Soup350 0.4875
Box of Frosted Flakes400 0.058000
Canned Chicken Noodle Soup400 0.41000
Cherry Pop Tarts400 0.14000
Chocolate Pop Tarts400 0.14000
Cinnamon Pop Tarts400 0.14000
Packet of Chocolate Chips Cookies400 0.14000
Packet of Brownies400 0.14000
Canned Bakes Beans450 0.41125
Canned Beef Soup450 0.41125
Box of Lucky Charmes500 0.0510000
Canned Chili500 0.41250
Peanut Granola Nar500 0.15000
Packet of Peanut Butter Cookies500 0.15000
Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips550 0.15500
Packet of Pistachio Nuts570 0.15700
Packet of Cashew Nuts580 0.41450
Packet of Peanuts580 0.15800
Packet of Sunflower Seeds580 0.15800
Packet of Almonds590 0.15900
Canned Pork and Beans600 0.41500
Packet of Mixed Nuts600 0.16000
Vacuum Packed Fried Tofu600 0.32000
Packet of Hazelnuts620 0.16200
Packet of Walnuts620 0.16200
Canned Refried Beans630 0.41575
Packet of Pine Nuts670 0.16700
Packet of Pecan Nuts690 0.16900
Packet of Macadamia Nuts700 0.17000
Trail Mix700 0.145000
Bag of Potato Chips850 0.175000
Canned Spam900 0.352571
Canned Dog Food1000 0.42500
Can of Condensed Milk1200 0.43000
MRE (Meals-Ready-to-Eat)1300 0.43250
Emergency Food Bar2000 0.0825000
Jar of Peanut Butter2000 0.355714
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