This page is not intended to list or advertise factions. To see a list of factions or to add your own, please visit this page.

Factions are user-created groups in the World of the Living Dead. After reaching Level 7, players can access the factions menu, where players can create their own factions. Alternative, players can join existing factions upon invitation. A member of a faction can invite other players to join.

All Factions must be given a title and a description. This is decided by the faction leader. Titles cannot be changed once the faction is created. The description can be modified by any of the faction members with leader permissions.

Faction members can be given Leadership Privileges. These can be optionally given when inviting other members to the faction (The creator of the faction has default leadership permissions). A Leader member can manage other members of the group, modify the description and invite new members.

Safehouses created by players can be enabled for faction use by using the Enable Faction Acess function. This allows all members of the faction to enter and use the safehouse (Including taking and depositing items). Once enabled, this Faction access cannot be reversed.

Factions also allow users to send message to all members at once by using the "change to faction-wide" message.

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