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World of the Living Dead contains two types of Points. Experience Points (XP) represent the player's experience while Survival Points (SP), represents the experience of the player's survivors are are independent of each other..

XP[edit | edit source]

XP is earned from killing zeds in combat, scavenging, completing missions and collecting research items. XP allows a NECRA Operative to gain levels and obtain access to more squad, safehouse or survivor slots. In the classic approach to XP in games, simpler activities become slightly less rewarding as the player gains levels, eventually leading to zero XP, while missions and more complex activities come to the fore.

Levels[edit | edit source]

After the player gains enough XP, he/she will gain a new level. Leveling up will unlock new titles and advantages to player, as well as granting SP to their survivors.

A player's level and level bar, above their title and stats.

Levels are one of the systems NECRA Operatives (that means you, and the rest of the players) are ranked by.

Upon first starting the game, all players start as a level 0 Operative. As you progress through the World of the Living Dead, you will gain experience. Experience is gained by leading your survivors through the perils of the zombie apocalypse. Experience can be gained if you: successfully scavenge an item, complete a mission (e.g. rescuing a new survivor) Each act of surviving slowly adds experience to your level bar, with some activities giving more experience than others.

Your level bar starts off empty, and gradually fills up as you acquire experience. Once the bar is completely full, you go up a level, and the bar will become empty again (though any surplus experience from leveling up will be carried on to the next level).

Each new level requires more experience to fill up the bar. There are various benefits that come from leveling, such as the ability to create new squads, build more safehouses and display new titles for your fellow NECRA Operatives to covet.

Level Requirements[edit | edit source]

One perk of leveling up would be level requirements. Many various actions in the game require the player to be a certain level, e.g. safehouse upgrades, creation of individual secret stashes, etc.

An example of an action being denied because of level.
Level Functions/actions
Level 0 Title: Zombie Chow.
Level 1 Title: Fast Food.
Level 2 None.
Level 3 Having a second active squad.
Title: Moving Target.
Level 4 Title: Looter and Forager.
Level 5 All things factions related are now unlocked. PvP is now also possible.
Level 6 Emergency Broadcasts are now available.
Title: NECRA Operative.
Infirmary upgrade available.
Level 7 Creating stashes. A third active squad is now available.
Lookout Post upgrade available.
Level 8 Title: Gravedigger.
Level 9 A fourth active squad is available.
Level 10 Title: Bandit and Scavenger.
Level 11 Players can create 10kg stashes at scavenge locations. Title:
Head Popper.
Level 12 Title: Slaughterer.
Field Hospital upgrade available.
Level 13 (no info available)
Level 14
Level 15 Title: NECRA Agent.
Level 16 Title: Undertaker and Decapitator.
Perimeter Chain Link Fence upgrade available.
Level 17 Title: Raider and Survivalist.
Level 18 None.
Level 19 Title: Spine Smasher and Monster Hunter.
Level 20 Title: Zed Whisperer
Level 21 None.
Level 22 Title: Killer and Vigilante.
Level 23 None.
Level 24

Title: Grim Reaper.

6th squad available.

Level 25 Title: NECRA Officer.
Level 26 Title: Corpse Grinder.
Level 27 None.
Level 28 None.
Level 29 Title: Slayer and Purifier.
Level 30 None.
Level 31 Title: Horde Handler and Deanimator.
Level 32

Title: Pillager and Guardian.

Water Purifier upgrade available.

Level 33 Title: Executioner.
Level 34 None.
Level 35

Title: NECRA Commander.

A seventh active squad is available.

Level 36 None.
Level 37 Title: Marauder and Sentinel.
Level 38 None.
Level 39 Title: Engine of Death.
Level 40 None.
Level 41 Title: Zed Master.
Level 42 Title: Hero and Robber Baron.
Level 43 None.
Level 44 Security Shutters safehouse upgrade available.
Level 45 Title: Hand of Hades.
Level 46 None.
Level 47 None.
Level 48 Title: General of the Damned.
Level 49 None.
Level 50 Title: NECRA Director.
Level 51 Title: Warlord and Beacon of Hope.
Level 52 Title: Governor of Ghouls.
Level 53 None.
Level 54 None.
Level 55 None.
Level 56 None.
Level 57 None.
Level 58 Title: Protector and Scourge.
Level 59 None.
Level 60 Title: SC Proven Unit.
Level 61 None.
Level 62 None.
Level 63 Title: Tactician.
Level 64 None.
Level 65 None.
Level 66 Title: Rogue Operative.
Level 67 None.
Level 68 None.
Level 69 None.
Level 70 Title: SC Test Unit.
Level 71 None.
Level 72 None.
Level 73 None.
Level 74 Title: Ronin.
Level 75 Title: Strategist.
Level 76 None.
Level 77 None.
Level 78 None.
Level 79 Title: Explorer.
Level 80 Title: NECRA Spook.
Level 81 None.
Level 82 None.
Level 83 None.
Level 84 Title: Realist.
Level 85 None.
Level 86 None.
Level 87 None.
Level 88 None.
Level 89 None.
Level 90 Title: SC Proven Unit.
Level 91 None.
Level 92 None.
Level 93 None.
Level 94 None.
Level 95 None.
Level 96 Title: Master Survivalist.
Level 97 None.
Level 98 None.
Level 99 Title: Yakuza.
Level 100 Title: SC Valued Unit.
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