Zombies? No problem.[edit | edit source]

Everyone assumed that the world would be able to deal with the zombie apocalypse when it finally happened.

We all knew how to kill zombies.

We'd seen the films. Aim for the head.

It didn't quite work out like that...

The horde grows. Evacuation attempts fail.[edit | edit source]

The zombies were slow. The National Emergency Control and Relief Agency insisted they were "no real threat".

But the numbers kept increasing.

Citizens were fingerprinted and issued a NECRA ID card in preparation for evacuation.

It was no use. The police and military were overwhelmed. Organized evacuation efforts collapsed.

The Survival Cell System.[edit | edit source]

But NECRA had a plan.

A plan their scientists claimed was the last chance for humanity.

It was no longer a case of stopping the rise of the dead. The survival of the human race was now at stake.

Larger groups lead to infection. Society needed to adapt. The Survival Cell System was put into action.

Survival at all costs.[edit | edit source]

NECRA operatives were individually sealed into secure locations with extended supplies at the very last moment.

Satellites have been dedicated to track the movement of the dead and provide a basic comms network.

These operatives had a difficult task: to ensure the survival of anyone who finds a NECRA emergency radio.

Survival at all costs...

Vicious competition.[edit | edit source]

WotLD puts the player in the role of one of these NECRA operatives.

Survival of the fittest or mercy to your fellow man. you decide how to help humanity survive ?

just remember its not our world any more its the World of the Living Dead

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