Ammunition is the special type of item that powers firearms. It is shown in a yellow-bordered box in the inventory management menu. Both firearm cartridges and crossbow bolts are listed on the Ammunition category.

Ammunition comes in several different calibers, from the small and modest .22 LR to the large .50 BMG. Though it is not displayed in the game, certain types of ammunition are used only on certain types of firearms (e.g. shotgun shells are only used on shotguns) while others are used in at least two types of weapons (e.g. 7.62x51mm rounds are used on both Rifles and Assault rifles)  Every firearm in the game requires ammunition from a specific caliber in the inventory of the user, or else it won't be used.

Some ammunition (usually by highest caliber) is more effective in PvP battles than other types of ammunition. A more effective ammunition is more likely to injure an enemy squad than other types of ammunition

Ammo can be obtained by scavenging in the map. Some calibers are rarer than others. (Ordered by PvP effectiveness)

Ammo name Unit weight Gun Type Used
.22 LR cartridges 0.003 kg Handguns (Includes suppresed handgun), Rifles
.380 ACP cartridges 0.009 kg Handguns
9x19mm cartridges 0.012 kg Handguns, Submachine guns
Crossbow Bolts 0.01 kg Bows
.38 Special cartridges 0.01 kg Handgun
.308 Winchester cartridges 0.01 kg Rifles
.40 S&W cartridges 0.018 kg Handguns, Assault rifle
.270 Winchester cartridges 0.01 kg Rifles
.223 Remington cartridges 0.004 kg Rifles
.45 ACP cartridges 0.021 kg Handguns, Assault rifles, submachine guns
5.56x45mm cartridges 0.012 kg Assault rifles
.357 Magnum cartridges 0.015 kg Handguns, Rifle
7.62x39mm cartridges 0.017 kg Assault rifles
.44 Magnum cartridges 0.022 kg Handguns, Rifles
7.62x51mm cartridges 0.023 kg Rifles, Assault rifles
20 gauge shells 0.038 kg Shotguns
.30-06 Springfield cartridges 0.027 kg Rifles, Assault rifles
12 gauge shells 0.038 kg Shotguns
.50 BMG cartridges  0.1 kg Rifle
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