Achievements are small objectives that the game offers. They require the player to fulfill a certain set of requirements to be awarded, with the requirements varying for every type of achievement and each achievement itself. The number of achievements a player has affects his/her ranking, both in the Total Unique Achievements Completed category as well as the Overall Rank. Upon completition of the requirements for the achievement, the player will recieve a message notifying the achievement was awarded.

The total number achievements a player has in the order in which they were awarded can be seen in a player's profile.


Achievement Requirements
Shuffled Collect 10 unique infocards.
Stripped Deck Collect 50 unique infocards.
Stacked Deck Collect 100 unique infocards.


Achievement Requirements
Baker's Dozen Have 13 survivors at the same time
Live Bait Leave a character outside a safehouse for 24 consecutive hours and bring them back alive!
Suicidal Tendencies Travel through each colour sector of the z-d indicator
Pack Rat Create 10 stashes
Paranoid Delusions Create 50 stashes


Achievement Requirements
Killing Machine Max out Three-Round Burst for any character
Linchpin Max out all squad skills for any character
Berserker Max out Skull Crusher skill for any character
No Regrets Max out Emotionally-Detached skill for any character
Vampire Max out Insomnia skill for any character
Defender Max out Pump Master skill for any character
Gunslinger Max out Shootist skill for any character
Gangsta Max out Spray and Pray skill for any character
Sniper Max out Deadeye skill for any character


Achievement Requirements

Travel 1,000 Km


Write on the wall at 10 landmark locations around Los Angeles County


Write on the wall at 35 landmark locations around Los Angeles County


Write on the wall at 65 landmark locations around Los Angeles County


Achievement Requirements
Rescue Team Complete 5 competitive missions in one 24 hour period
Petty Thievery Steal 10 items during PvP
Daylight Robbery Steal 100 items during PvP
Grand Larceny Steal 500 items during PvP
Tooth and Nail Kill 5 survivors during PvP
Survival of the Fittest Kill 10 survivors during PvP
Genocide Kill 100 survivors during PvP
Anti-Social Behavior Injure 5 survivors during PvP
Assault and Battery Injure 10 survivors during PvP
The Champ Injure 100 survivors during PvP


Achievement Requirements
Moving In Create an Apartment class safehouse
Setting Up Shop Create a Store class safehouse
There Goes the Neighborhood Create a House class safehouse
Heavy Lifting Create a Warehouse class safehouse
Getting Serious Create a Compound class safehouse
Following Orders Complete 10 SCUGS missions
Working for the Cause Complete 50 SCUGS missions
Homewrecker Raid and destroy 1 safehouse
Raiding Party Raid and destroy 10 safehouses
No Safe Haven Raid and destroy 100 safehouses
Homebuilder Install 3 upgrades to any safehouse


Achievement Requirements
Ghoul Collect items from 10 dead bodies
Glutton Scavenge 100,000 calories of food
Hydrated Scavenge 100,000 liters of liquid
Provider Scavenge 100 items
Collector Scavenge 500 items
Shopaholic Scavenge 2,000 items
Grave Robber Collect items from 50 dead bodies


Achievement Requirements
Mercy Killing Kill 50 zeds
Brutal Efficiency Kill 500 zeds
Culling the Horde Kill 1,000 zeds
Hitting the Myriad Kill 10,000 zeds
Monstrous! Kill 100,000 zeds


The achievements below have been removed from the game.

Achievement Requirements
Neptune Stockpile 100 liters of liquid
Quartermaster Stockpile 100,000 calories of food
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