AWOL (Absent Without Leave)  is a system found in the World of the Living Dead that prevents neglected survivors from starving to death.

All survivors require food and liquids to survive. This is represented by their Hunger and Thirst levels. However, if a survivor's thirst or hunger reaches 100% for a some time, survivors will go on their own (i.e. go AWOL) to look for food, temporally losing contact with the Operative.

Once they go AWOL, survivors have to be relocated to command them again. This is done directly on the Command page, by clicking next to the survivors' name. The survivor will be relocated in a random NECRA safehouse, with their hunger and thirst levels back to zero.

Survivors will go AWOL after 7 days of maxed hunger or thirst. Time is counted since the survivor's hunger or thirst reaches 100%, not before.

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